Termites pose as one of the most destructive pests Australia wide. We provide control plans and treatments which are effective in many residential and commercial properties. All our termite control procedures are safe and environment friendly and guarantee you piece whether you are building a new or buying an existing property.

Our Termite Treatment Plans are the best way to take action against a termite infestation. As not all homes are constructed the same we treat active Termites with a solution that best suits your individual situation.

Team Pestee uses products such as Termidor HE and Trelona as our preferred products.

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Control Method For Termites

  • Team Pestee will conduct a thorough visual inspection of all exposed interior timbers.
  • We use specialty equipment to detect moisture and other conditions in susceptible areas.
  • We inspect Roof Voids, Sub floors and other crawl spaces in your property.
  • Team Pestee will inspect the Exterior of your building and any surrounding structures.
  • We conduct a in depth visual inspection of grounds.
  • Upon detection of active termites we conduct a treatment plan.
  • Team Pestee will educate the owner and notify of conditions that may make the building more susceptible to attack in the future and recommendations to reduce the risk.
  • We schedule regular check ups to ensure our work.
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Services We Provide

  • In-ground termite monitoring and baiting
  • Above ground baiting
  • Physical Barrier, Termite proof material 
  • Liquid chemical barrier


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Safety Data Sheets – For the products we trust

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