Rodents are notorious pests and are found all over Australia. Rodents can cause damage to homes and spread disease so treating these pests is a must to protect your family or your business. We create a treatment plan tailored for your situation and use common and advance treatment methods to eliminate the problem. 

How To Spot A Rodent Infestation

To determine if you have a rodent problem the list below is a good indicator to determine if you may have a rodent issue.

  • Rat or Mice Droppings in common areas 

  • Rub Marks along walls 

  • Urine Trails

  • Burrows inside or outside your home

  • Nests

  • Foul Smell coming from under your home or in walls 

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Treatment Method

  • Inspection
    Team Pestee will conduct a thorough inspection of building surroundings to check for any evidence of an infestation and create a treatment plan.

  • Bait
    Team Pestee will implement our treatment plan and set up bait systems in the areas that are potentially infested by rats. Our bait systems allow us to target the rodent and have a low risk of non-targeted pets from getting poisoned.

  • Traps
    In hard to reach spaces where bait systems can’t be used effectively we set up traps.

Common Diseases Spread From Rodents

  • Typhus
  • Pulmonary Fever
  • Salmonella
  • Dermatitis
  • Infectious Jaundice
  • Ringworm and Tapeworms

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