Flea infestations are very common in Australia. If you have a pet such as a dog or a cat living in your home or even in the same building, the chances of you getting a flea infestation is very high. You can easily identify a flea if you see the dog or the cat scratching themselves excessively.

Our services effectively control and remove fleas.

Common Types of Flea and Ticks

  • Dog Flea
  • Cat Flea
  • Bird Flea
  • Bird Mite
  • Dog Tick
dust mite flea

Flea Treatments

  • Habitat Treatment: Flea can be controlled and removed by destroying the places available for them to live. We recommend treating your pets with flea creams or wash’s. This includes a deep clean of your floors, carpets, walls and furniture. Generally anything that has come into contact with your pet.
  • Chemical Treatments: We conduct a pest control and removal treatment which will contain chemicals to prevent the maturing of eggs.

This is the most common treatment that real estates require if you had a pet in the rental home.


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