Bed bugs cause harm by leaving itchy bites and make sleeping impossible. Team Pestee specialises in bed bug treatments and removal for businesses and residential customers.

How to Spot an Infestation?

If you notice any of the following you may have a bed bug problem:

  • Blood spots on the sheets or mattresses.
  • Sweet yet sickly odor.
  • Fecal droppings on your linen.
  • If you spot a live bed bug
  • If you notice any skin welts and irritation.
  • If you notice tiny eggs or eggshells.
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Control Methods

Bed bugs are particularly hard to treat and usually will take more then one treatment to completely remove. We use a range of sprays that are effective at killing the bed bugs but they are largely ineffective on the eggs.
We recommend that a follow up inspection is carried out to determine if further treatment is required.
The survival of bed bug eggs is also an issue. The eggs can also have an incubation period of up to two weeks and may be hidden areas that are difficult to treat. 
Once an infestation is detected, all adjoining rooms need to be inspected and treated if also affected.
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