Australia has over 1300 known species of Ants. Some ants that you may find around you home can include some of the following

  • Argentine ants 
  • Bulldog or bull ants 
  • Carpenter ant
  • Coastal Brown ant 
  • Common Black House ant 
  • Garden ant 
  • Ghost ant
  • Pavement ant 
  • White-Footed house ant 
Ant Toon

General treatment procedure we provide

  • Team Pestee will thoroughly inspect the residence or building, following ant trails to locate nesting sites and determine where ants are entering and feeding.
  • Team Pestee will Identify the species of ant, and determine the most appropriate control measures and create a plan to treat.
  • When possible we treat the nest of ants directly. We find that direct treatment of the nest provides the most effective control method. We also treat the surfaces where ants are most active, using either sprays or dusts. We use baits where other forms of pesticide cannot be used.
  • To ensure the optimal treatment we encourage and educate ways to limit ant exposure including what attracts ants and best practices such as Cleaning up food particles and other attractants. We educate clients on hygiene levels that must be maintained to achieve complete control.
  • Follow-up treatments may be required for severe infestations and will be notified upon inspection.

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